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About Joelle

A few years ago, a dear friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  As her friend started on her path to healing using more holistic forms of treatment, Joelle became intrigued watching this path of healing. She soon founded and became President of the non-profit, HealThy Life, to raise funds for patients seeking holistic treatments.  As she watched this organization grow, she learned that taking your health into your own hands could be scary, but also so necessary

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In 2019, Joelle became a Holistic Life Coach. Today, she coaches people to find their own ways to handle everyday stress and anxiety with a more loving and holistic approach. She is passionate about helping people who are living with unresolved emotions with her Signature Life Coaching Program. Utilizing somatic attachment therapy, Joelle offers her clients the holistic framework for understanding and working with trauma from a body-centered perspective.  Her use of Cannabis for her personal health lead her continue her education in plant medicine on this subject.   Helping clients on both on a personal and buisness level as a budtender has helped Joelle feel empower many to feel comfrotable to use this amazing plant as medicine also. 

Her curiosity to learn, lead her to combine her passion for healing with her love of music. She is now a certified Vibrational Sound Healer, providing sound baths both privately and to large groups. 

Joelle is a passionate believer in making the best of a situation and being proactive about one’s health.  Her love and guidance inspire countless others to do better in their daily lives. She currently lives in Haddon Township with her husband, two teenage boys and three cats.


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One-on-One Coaching

Together we will explore your options, new possibilities, strengths and challenges, and look within on a mind-body-spirit level for answers.

Sound Bath

Sound as a form of vibrational therapy or meditation offers potential therapeutic benefits with low to minimal side effects.   

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