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Meet Joelle

Joelle is a LIfe Coach and is passionate about helping people as they transition thru stress and anxitety in their daily life !


Prior to formally launching her coaching practice Joelle spent the last 30 years in mangement and leadership postions where she has mentored and coached many people. In the last 7 years she's learned alot about setting goals and successes. In 2015 she competed in two 1/2 Ironman Triathlon races.  In Joelle  began her role as the President and founding member of a local nonprofit that helps late stage cancer patients that are seeking holistic and interagrative care for their Cancer treatment.  Joelle has been certified in Reiki I and completed a Community Herbalist Class.   Joelle has always felt drawn to help people and try to better support their mental needs, knowning that our health is based on living a balanced life. Joelle offers a range of services - from individaul coaching, workshops, and Keynote Speeches on the subject on Ways to live a Balanced and Healthy Life 

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My Specializations

 As your coach, I will listen to you at a deep level to support you and partner with you to successfully navigate your growth and transitions. Together we will explore your options, new possibilities, strengths and challenges, and look within at a mind-body-spirit level for answers.  As the client, you can be ready to change. Your role will to be open to exploring the topics that you choose, considering possible goals, and taking healthy and positive action. You are your own best expert and together we can explore your unique situation, strengths, challenges, and options from a holistic perspective to put your best self forward. Let’s discover your true potential! 

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