About Me

As a Holistic Life Coach, I help guide people to find ways to deal their everyday stress and anxiety with a more loving and holistic approach.  Over the last 25 years I have used my “powers” to help employees in everyday work experiences but along the way found that I was mentoring and coaching them on so many other parts of life. These experiences and moments have helped me grow both personally but professionally.  


Most recently in my 10 years as the Assistant Manager of LAGOS I had the pleasure helping many people over the years not just by selling beautiful jewelry but also by offering a level of friendship and support to our clients.  Over this time I had the pleasure to train and mentor over 25 girls who graduate from Drexel and move onto their next step in life.   This time helped me see the level of stresses and how they can manifest so differently in both our clients and staff yet still have a common thread at the base of learning to deal with stress and anxiety and moving past common limiting factors.   


 During my time at LAGOS I also found moments to aim for goals of my own.  In this process of growth, I found the world of Triathlon.  Since 2013, I have competed in countless races including two 70.3 Ironman races ( Yes - that’s 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run).  Racing has not only taught me how to work hard, and what dedication means but also allowed me to grow friendships and community.   Over the last few years it has become an family affair as we see our children reaching for big goals also.

During this time I was also introduced to DoTerra , I loved the idea of minimizing all the chemicals and toxins in my family's everyday life by cleaning up the products we use.  Doterra definitely helped me find the mind and body balance during the difficult long training hours, dealing with the stress of managing a household with two boys and a full time job.  


 My life took an unexpected turn while I was training for my 1st ½ ironman race - A friend and neighbor was diagnosed with Stage 4 Thymic Cancer.  As the friend started on her path to healing using more Holistic forms of treatment, our neighborhood called to arms.  We planned a Track Meet/Health Fair to help offset the costs of her treatment.  This race and the passion from our neighborhood is how the HealThy Life NJ Non-Profit started.  As the President of the orgnaization, We've helped late stage cancer patients seeking Holistic care with resources, support and financial assistance  since 2017.  As we helped our neighbor,  it was hard to not notice that her healthier lifestyle did not lead to the many side effects that high doses of chemotherapy and radiation did. I saw that taking your health into your own hands could be scary but also so needed.   We have to decide what we want to FEED our body.  This isn’t just the food we eat but also the thoughts we allow into our mind.  

The Mission of the HealThy Life organization just helped to feed my need to learn more.  I was attuned in Reiki I and enrolled in a year long Community Herbalist program where I learned ways to use plant preparations to help support the mind/ body/ spirit connection. The connections with all my walks of life helped me see even more the need for a good support system in times of need.  


This led me to The Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy where I was able to learn new skills to help people establish what’s important in your life, helping you create an action plan to achieve it and give you all the help, encouragement and motivation to make it all a reality.  Want to learn more? Reach out to schedule a 15 minute call to find out if you would be interested in a Free Coaching Session. I look forward to hearing from you :)

Education and Certifications

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Wisdom of the Whole Caoching Acamdemy

 -Holistic Coaching Program 

The real power of this coaching model comes from the multidimensional foundation and methods helps both coach and clients to look through multiple windows for exploration and action. 

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Community Herbalist 

This year long class course by Spirit to Sole Connection tought ways to use ancient, proven, plant preparations to nourish and support the spirit/mind/body complex. We learned that by addressing the conditions that create disease, we can use things like food as medicine.  This course helped to strenghten the idea about  how foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals can bring the body back into harmony.


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Rieki I

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