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White Seashell



Ocean City, NJ

April 12th - 14th 2024

 With open hearts and a sense of wonder, we will explore the mysteries that be and discover the magic that lies within us.


So excited to be partnering
with Wellness Woman Angelique for this retreat!

During this Co-ed Retreat, We will be staying in a private home with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, furnished deck, & beautiful view

Your weekend includes:

  • Six light meals

  • Two Sound Healings

  • Two Yoga Practices

  • Group Beach Mandela Building 

  • Create an a Smudge

  • And so much more!

May 18th - Medford NJ
When was the last time you dedicated a day solely to focusing on your self-care?

Join Rachel and Joelle for a specially designed day aimed at helping you unwind and explore the concept of self-care.

Our themed Retreat day is centered around reconnecting with nature and yourself. Activities will include indulging in poolside lunch and practicing yoga amidst the trees on the yoga deck.
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