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Sound Healing
Beach Fench

Ocean City NJ

April 21- 23, 2023

Wild Soul
Somatic Healing 

Embrace your inner child with

art, movement, music, and dance !  

We will be staying in a private home with three bathrooms, two private rooms, one shared room with two beds and one shared room with two sets of bunk beds.

Your weekend includes:

  • Six light meals

  • Two Sound Healings

  • Two Yoga practices

  • Body Temple Dancing 

  • Group coaching

  • And so much more!



Sound Heallings 

Sound healing uses specific instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. It involves using specialized sound frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere to promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. 

Sacred Silliness Games

Laughter is said to be the best medicine:) With the transformative power of play, we’ll explore an immersive flow of human connection games that start silly and go deep.   

Body Temple Dancing

Body Temple Dance is a somatic and spiritual movement language that has emerged from many years of research in energy healing, nervous system and transformational work, yoga, poetry and dance.  As we dance in our practice, we will step away from feeling intimidated or awkward AF and get in touch with our more feminine side.

Somatic Art Project

Art helps us become aware of sensation in the body and to be playful in the moment. The materials used in this project will assist individuals to listen carefully to their impulses and become aware of what is needed in the moment, to essentially become present to the experience.  

Somatic Group Coaching 

As a group, we will take some time to reconnect and reclaim the wisdom of your body so you can preform (and live) more freely!

Gentle Yoga

Our practice will be slow paced, with less intense positions.  With   extended time for meditation, yogic breath work, and relaxation.  Great for any experience level. 

Create Intention Bundles

Smudging has been used for centuries in ceremony and continues to be used today. We will be using plant matter, stones and feathers to create our own bundles.  Sudges not only help to cleansing and purify your space but also help to manifest what you're summoning into the world.

Free Time 

Time and space can be so helpful to help intergate messages and allow for time to just be.  During this time you will also have the option to sign up for card readings, 1:1 sound healing , somatic coaching.  Or  you could walk on the beach, visit the wildlife refuge or just be. 

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