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Sandy Beach


Shore house - street view
Living room area with fire place

Picturesque Retreat

in Ocean City, NJ

Escape to this stunning 5-bedroom house in Ocean City, NJ.  This location boasts breathtaking views and fantastic in-home amenities. There's ample space for group activities, as well as private areas for self-reflection.

Kitchen sitting area overlooking sitting room


We will use fall seasonal fruits and vegetables to craft a vibrant and exciting menu.

people getting prepared food

 Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options will be  available. 

This menu not only celebrates the rich flavors of fall but also brings people together in the spirit of the season, creating memories that will last long after the leaves have fallen.

Room Options 

Meet The Team


Joelle Gordon

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Joelle is a life coach and sound healer who has been hosting retreats since her 5th one. She is passionate about offering fresh, organic meals with seasonal flair and excitement. Join her on a journey of self-discovery and healing at her next retreat.


Tom Cambell

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Tom Campbell, founder of Sacred Tree Drumming, is a seasoned teacher, storyteller, drummer, retreat master, and spiritual leader with over 30 years of experience. has directed numerous spiritual gatherings and led retreats, bringing his unique perspective and expertise to each one.


Lee Pinsky 

    Lee's passion for sound healing has led her to bring this practice to local Middle and High Schools. With Tai chi, sound healings, and tuning fork sessions, Lee is able to reach over 250 students per week. Her dedication sharing the benefits of sound healing is truly inspiring.

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