• Joelle Gordon

Self-Care Herbal Bath Salts

Let's set the scene, You have had a stressful day and need a moment to unwind and get away from all the noises in your house - If you're lucky:)

This is my favorite moment to set up a bath for some self-care. I like to think of Herbal Bath Salt as the extra MAGIC or secret sauce.  Simply add your mixture to a bath for a relaxing energy clearing experience.  Collecting and preping is part of the fun to find the perfect combination of herbs and oils for the day's needs.  

Everyone's prep might look a little different but here are some of the steps I take while my water is filling-Its rather simple:). During this time I also collect any other items I may desire while I relax. This may include things like a glass of water, books, piece of chocolate, sage smudge, music and candles.

Get all your ingredients in one large bowl and mix it all together. 

(This recipe is good for 2 baths.)

1 Cup Epsom salt-  This is magnesium that helps relax the mind,  and soothe the 

½ cup Sea salt- contains many detoxifying trace minerals and helps detox

¼ cup Baking Soda- also helps detox and help with skin issues like eczema

2 Tablespoons Plant matter-Options for this could include

  • Chamomile( known to calm skin, mind and body)

  • Lavendar( good for anxiety, calming nervous system) 

  • Calendula( eczema, dry skin, antiseptic properties)

  • Rose ( good for healing heart, finding joy in life )  

25-20 drop of essential oils- some idea would include

  • Lavender( calming of nervous system

  • Ylang ylang( lessen tention and stress and create positive outlook)

  • Jasmine ( uplifting- known for its fragrant smell)

  • Orange ( uplifting ) 

  • Eucalypus (helpful for cold) 

  • Rosemary ( immune boosting, detoxifying) 

Don't have some of the ingredients - Don't worry the point is to unwind and find a moment for you. You can use a muslin bag or put the mix in right into the bath.

Tip-Wish you had some plant matter to add- grab a tea bag or 2. They are the same herbs just prepped to drink.

Store the Reminder of the soak in a tightly closed glass jar, out of direct sunlight, for three to 4 months. Keeping in mind the scent may fade over time and need refreshing

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